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A resource site for those whole play Vampire: The Requiem, and those who choose to align themselves with The Carthian Movement.

Why is the Carthian Movement is so interesting? When I told players in my group that I planned to make a Carthian character, they scoffed and said "hasn't the anarch movement been done already?" Which of course it has been, but I do not see The Carthian Movement as the new anarch movement. The members are not necessarily the rabble rousers and rebels and haters (though they can have thier share of extremists). For those wanting an anarch-type character, I would suggest rereading the pages on the unaligned - there is your new anarch. The Carthian Movement, on the other hand, encompasses those people desiring social reform and who are willing to work within the system to accomplish their goals. Forward thinking men and women who have the social skills and poltiical connections to be heard and respected would be much more valuable than a loud-mouthed rebel who answers every conflict with weaponry dots. The Carthian Movement must be more subtle than that.

Historically, social reform was best faciltated by those who could express themselves well through a variety of medium- the speakers, the poets, the artists, and writers who changed society's way of thinking. Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Dorothea Dix, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and in more modern days, film makers such as Spielberg and Michael Moore. Think about how movies such as "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "Shindler's List" changed the way people think. So, relieve yourself of those notions that the Carthians are only the marchers and the demonstrators, and the extremists, to me they are so much more than that.

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